Business information

Hours of operation

Seasonal hours of operation.

term Open hours
Feb. 21 – July 20 9:00 – 17:00
July 21 – Aug. 20 8:30 – 18:00
Aug. 21 – Oct. 20 9:00 – 17:00
Oct. 21 – Feb. 20 9:00 – 16:30


Park ticket price and Chairlift, Monorail fare

The fare for the round trip on the lift and monorail includes the entrance fee. There is no sale for one-way trips or for just one of the options.
*The ticket is valid for both the lift and the monorail, allowing you to take any ride you prefer on the round trip.
*Entrance by foot or by car is not possible.

*Payment can be made in cash or by credit card, among other methods.

Price notes
Adult ¥850 Ages 12 & over
Child ¥450 Ages 6 & over
Group Group
Please ask. (from 30 people)
Discount for People
with disabilities
Adult : ¥430
Child : ¥230
Please bring a disability certificate.

*Children (0~5 years old)
One adult can bring one child in for free. Second child should pay the regular child price.

*Discount for People with disabilities
One helper can also enter with the discounted ticket.

Chairlift ・ Monorail info

Ticket for playground equipment

Ticket is required for you to use the playground equipment. Please go to the ticket machine in the park.
Price information for equipment is available on the facility guide page.
*All the playground equipment will be closed 30 minutes before the park closing time.

About parking area

There is a dedicated toll parking lot in front of the chairlift and monorail mountain base station. Alternatively, we kindly ask you to use the various toll parking lots in the vicinity. (There are plenty of parking lots within a 5-minute walk in the area.)

Follow “Access” section for more detaild information.

Amanohashidate View Land Parking Lot

capacity Private cars: 17
Motorcycles: 10
Bicycles: 24
(all day)
Car: 700 yen
Motorcycle: 400 yen
Bicycle: Free

viewland parking lot

◆Other nearby parking lots

Chionji-temple parking lot

The best parking lot for Chionji-temple and beach visitors. It is next to Chion-ji temple. Free rest room available.
5 minutes walk to Amanohashidate Viewland chairlift/monorail platform.

capacity Cars: 100
Buses: 10
Motorcycles: 10
(all day)
Cars: 700 yen
Buses: 1500 yen
Motorcycles: 400 yen
TEL 0772-22-2574

Parking lots all around the town

You will see many parking lot sign boards everywhere. You will see them not only by the main street but also by the back street. You may find 500 yen parking lots. 
Many within 5 minutes walk.

capacity It depends
prices It depends

The municipal parking lot

Go along the Route 178 from the station to the direction of Iwataki-town for 500m.
8 minutes walk to Amanohashidate Viewland chairlift/monorail platform.

capacity Cars: 285
Buses: 11
Motorcycles: 20
(all day)
Cars: 700 yen
Buses: 1500 yen
Motorcycles: 400 yen
TEL 0772-22-4179

For more detailed parking information, please refer to the parking information around the area on the “Access Page“.


◆travel agency

Please make your reservation by fax with your email address.
For chairlift and monorail operation holidays, please see the annual suspension schedule on the chairlift/monorail information page.

Please Media People

Please contact us if you would like to shoot an interview.

About pets

No problem to bring pets. Please use the chairlift.