Frequently asked questions are found on this page.

About amusement park

Where can I find rest rooms?

Next to the central ticket booth, in the restaurant and in the chairlift station above. Rest room for the disabled is next to the central ticket booth. You can change your baby’s diaper at the rest rooms next to the ticket booth and in the restaurant.

Do small children need playground tickets?

It is required from the age of 3.

How long is the ferris wheel round trip?

Approx. 4 mins 30 secs.

Can we get on the Hiryukan-kairo(Viewing sky path) for free?

Yes, it’s free. It may close for safety depending on the weather such as wind, snow and thunder.

Are there any free pass tickets for riding activities?

We don’t provide free pass tickets.

Can a wheel chair get in the restaurant?

Yes. It’s accessible (barrier free) from the Hiryukan-kairo(Viewing sky path) to the restaurant.

Is there any space to have lunch we brought?

Yes, you can find tables and benches in the park. Lawn grasses are also good if it is sunny.

Is there a souvenir store?

Yes, there is a store you can find original souvenirs.

Are there any restaurants?

Yes there is one in the park. Check the restaurant page for more information.

Can we bring any pets into the playground equipment?

Sorry, we don’t accept any pets in the playground equipment. We also don’t accept pets in the Yu-Yu-Kan. At the restaurant, we kindly ask people with pets to use the table with the parasol outside.

Where can we get the tickets for the playground equipment?

You can get them from the ticket machine in the ticket booth.

Can we use the playground equipment in the rain?

Some of them may close in the rain. Some may also close on a maintenance day.


「NO DRONES」       The use of drones are prohibited in this park without permission.

Is there a smoking area?

There is one place to the right of the merry-go-round.

About Chairlift & Monorail

Can we use the chairlift on a rainy day?

Yes, there is a roof for each seat. Please use an umbrella.

How long is the ride?

It takes 6 mins by chairlift. Monorail runs every 20 minutes and it takes 7 mins.

Can we bring pets into the park?

Yes, but we ask you to take the chairlift. We don’t accept pets on the monorail, sorry. Check the chairlift closing day.

Can wheelchairs get in?

Yes, please take the monorail. At the platform below, there is a wheelchair exclusive elevator to the monorail platform. Please ask to attendant. Check the monorail maintenance day.

Can small children take the chairlift?

Under 6 years should be with adults, facing each other.

What is the minimum age to take the chairlift?

6 years old & over can take the chairlift alone.

Should we take the same transportation back and forth?

No, you don’t have to. Take any of them.

Are the destinations the same between the chairlift and the monorail?

Yes, they are. Take either one.

How often does the monorail run?

Every 20 minutes. From the platform below, monorail leaves every **:00, **:20, **:40. From the platform above, monorail leaves every **:10, **:30, **:50.-

How many people can get on the monorail?

Maximum 40 people. We ask you to get on the monorail in the order of arrival. You may have to wait a little when so many people come.

About the Amanohashidate view land

How high is the view land?

130 m above sea level.

What happens when you do Matanozoki (upside down looking through your legs)?

You will see the pine tree street as if the dragon were flying up to the sky.

Is it open during the winter season? Will it open when there is snow?

1.It will open. It’s wonderful to see pine trees with snow on top.

2.It will open. You might be able to see fantastic snow views if it snows.
Hours of operation may change due to the snow removal.

Are there any regular holidays?

No, there aren’t.

If we just wanted to walk around and enjoy the view, how long would it take?

Around 40 mins to 1 hour. If you are going to play in the playground, around 1 hour to 2 hours.

How long will it take us to get to the Chairlift & Monorail platform from the Amanohashidate station?

Approx. 5 minutes.

How long will it take us to get to the view point from the Chairlift & Monorail platform?

Approx. 100 steps, 1 min to 2mins.

Can we rent a stroller or wheelchair?

We don’t have strollers, sorry. We have wheelchairs, please ask attendants.

Are there any nursing rooms?

Yes, There is one near the ferris wheel.

What is included in the ticket price?

Chairlift or Monorail round trip fare and park entrance fee.

Should we get ticket anyhow?

The view point is in the park. You should pay the park entrance fee if you are thinking about viewing.

When will it close?

It depends on the season.
Close at 5 pm: Feb. 21st – Jul. 20th, Aug. 21st – Oct. 20th.
Close at 6 pm: Jul. 21st – Aug. 21st.
Close at 4:30 pm: Oct. 21st – Feb. 20th.

Can we go up by car or on foot?

No, there’s no street. Please take the chairlift or monorail.

Is there a discount for the disabled?

Yes, we provide discount tickets. The ticket for chairlift and monorail, entrance fee will be discounted. Please show the disability certificate. Check the price info page. There’s no discounts for playground equipment, sorry.

Is there any parking lot? Is there any bicycle-parking space?

Our own toll parking lot for private cars (17 spots) is available near the base of the mountain ticketing office. You may also park private lots around the Amonohashidate area. There is also a free bicycle-parking space.

Do you have coin lockers?

There are units. If you put 100 yen when you put in, it will return 100 yen after use.

Do you have an umbrella to lend?

There is a rental umbrella.It is located at the amusement park ticket counter below the chair lift lower station and monorail upper station.

About Amanohashidate

Can we get into the Amanohashidate pine trees street by car?

No cars are allowed. Only special vehicles such as bicycles are allowed.

Can we walk through the Amanohashidate pine trees street? How long will it take?

Yes, you can. It’s 3.6 km long. It takes around 50 minutes. By bicycle, 20 minutes. You can rent a bicycle at the gift store nearby.

How long will it take us to get to the Amanohashidate station, Chie-no-yu spa, Chion-ji temple, Kaisen-kyo bridge from the Chairlift & Monorail platform?

5 minute walk.

How long is the Amanohashidate pine trees street?

3.6 km long.

How long will it take from “Miyazu Amanohashidate Interchange”?

10 minute car ride to the Amanohashidate area.

Is there a sightseeing boat platform nearby?

It is about 5 minutes on foot. It is next to Chionji Temple

Is there a souvenir shop nearby?

There are many on the street in front of the station and on the side of the sea.